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Business Guide

Business Guide

SI Consulting

  • Proposal, configuration and support of Information systems
  • Support of enterprise strategy and management reforms
  • Support of Engineer development

Technical Consulting

  • Technology Consulting of Test and Measurement in High Frequency Area
  • High Frequency Measurement Training
  • Support of Engineer development

SI Consulting

If you earn the most advanced technology,the most important things are :

  • The result of consulting service, WHAT is changed
  • Be able to see your business process
  • Who has a responsibility to it

The solution for your issue is ‘human’. IT is only tool.Trust NetWork’s consultants teach efficient working way using IT system and hardware technique .

Information system consulting

-configuration, restructuring and operation research for the information system. We support a cost effective system building from installation to practical operation.

ERP installation support

-ERP ntroduction is a businesses reorganization. currently exist your business flow ? It is not meaning to customize ERP to fit current business. We consult and support for this issue, and result in a meaningful reorganization.

Solution support

- if you are not expert of CRM or SCM, it is too difficult to produce results. We have powerful partners.

corporate innovation consulting

-though ‘company’s assets are employee’ project, we serve a employee training program.

Technical Consulting

We have solutions for your measurement needs.


We can consult how to measure high frequency devices.
Example: High speed digital application
We consult how to evaluate devices for high speed digital application,
using TDR, Vector network analyzer, and spectrum analyzer.


We can deliver user training for electrical instruments.
Example: Agilent Technologies electrical instruments user’s course
PNA/ENA series Vector Network Analyzer
4396B Network Spectrum Analyzer E5500B Phase Noise Measurement System and more….

3.System Integration

We can configure and deliver automatic measure custom systems which use GPIB/USB/LAN interface.
Example: High frequency Automatic measurement system
Automatic measurement system using Agilent’s Vector Network Analyzer for SMDs.
Automatic measurement system for satellite broad casting converters.